"Incredible Tomorrow"
Artwork by Jim Nichols
Keynote by Astronaut Story Musgrave

We are excited to announce the 42nd Annual MUFON Symposium. Our theme for 2011 is “ET Contact: The Implications for Science and Society.” The Symposium will take place at the Hyatt Regency in Irvine, CA a beautiful Four Diamond Resort the weekend of July 29-31, 2011. Special hotel rates of $89 per night have been negotiated for this one of a kind event, with pricing good for 7 days, so bring the entire family to Southern California for an unforgettable Symposium experience and family vacation.

We will be taking a Giant leap forward into earth’s future to the year 2056; ET Contact is now happening on a regular and on-going basis since a race of ETs from a planet circling the star Vega in the constellation Lyra has found its way to planet earth and made contact with us. We come to find that there are many ET races in the vastness of space and that we are but one of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of civilizations that dot the night sky. What are the implications for mankind? Will man survive ET contact? What will become of our world religions? Will contact be friendly or openly hostile? How will our government react? What about our military? What major advances, if any, are likely to occur with our science and technology? What other surprises are in store for mankind? These and many, many, more thoughts and ideas will be explored by a dozen speakers over this two and a half day event as we delve into the implications of ET contact on us as human beings…, our science, and our society.

So sit down, put on your seat belt, and get ready for the ride of your life through the fast paced world of ET Contact, and its impact on every one of us. Our journey begins Friday night with a Banquet and keynote address by former NASA Astronaut Story Musgrave. Story will share stories about his personal life, outer space, and his six Space Shuttle missions. You will hear first hand his views on Extra-Terrestrial life and our future as a space faring nation. It is a talk you will NOT want to miss! This will be followed Saturday morning by renowned author and lecturer Richard Dolan speaking from his new book “After Disclosure.” Richard will paint the broad landscape of what people can expect once ET openly first sets foot on our planet and what we might find out about ourselves. From there we will branch out and explore the impact of ET on world religions, our government and military's reaction to ET contact, ask the question-What does remote viewing tell us about our ET future?, explore MARS anomalies that point to ET origin, as well as the possibility and probability of Time Travel, finally wrapping up with an exploration of the technologies which ET Contact will bring which will revolutionize our world. It will be an exciting time indeed!

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There will also be a FREE UFO/ET Art Show, film festival, and over 100 vendors to explore and check out. So bring your family, friends, and co-workers, and come learn about our future, YOUR Future. Register NOW for this unique event. We look forward to seeing you the end of July at the Hyatt Regency Resort in beautiful Southern California. Be There!

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