"Incredible Tomorrow"
Artwork by Jim Nichols
2011 MUFON SYMPOSIUM – Field Investigator Training
Friday, July 29th
7:30am Registration/Badge Pickup
8am FIT Session Opening

Investigative Ethics - Marie Malzahn, Director of Investigations


STAR Team Aspirations - Fletcher Gray, STAR Team Manager


MUFON Documents Go Online - Ron Regehr, Deputy Director Research


Interview Techniques - Ruben Uriarte, State Director No. California

  Investigations on Native American Lands - Dominic Mancini/Vicki LeBlanc
  Lunch Break - How to use a respirator - Chuck Modlin

UFO Rangefinding and Distance/Size Determinations - Marc D'Antonio, MUFON Photo Analyst


UAV Demo - Marc D'Antonio, MUFON Photo Analyst


MUFON's New Equipment, Specifications, and How To's - Chuck Modlin Chief Technical Advisor



4:00pm CLOSE